Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co., Ltd.

As the earliest touch controller that passed the Google active stylus test, Goodix’s GT7375P fully supports the USI active stylus protocol and can be widely applied to smart devices such as laptops with touch screens. Based on the bidirectional communication function for active styluses first defined by USI, GT7375P provides seamless frequency hopping and offers excellent anti-interference performance. We have also developed various customized functions with our customers based on the USI protocol. For example, we developed the stylus’ battery power information detection and low battery warning function, as well as customized functions to define the output colors and shapes of the lines, which introduces a more convenient and innovative experience to consumers. Laptops equipped with GT7375P are expected to launch later this year.

Supporting Statement:

USI introduced two-way communication two years ago, when most of the market didn’t see the potential for achieving commercialization of such an advanced, unique feature at that time. Goodix was an early adopter of USI and has new products scheduled to be available this year.



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