Touch controller ICs/ iST945Au & iST1245Au

HiDeep, Inc.

HiDeep Touch Controller ICs, iST945Au and iST1245Au, are low power controllers for capacitive touch screens.  These ICs have been exclusively designed & developed to provide active stylus support for mobile tablet, laptop, and Chromebook applications.  The iST945Au and iST1245Au offer USI 1.0 protocol capabilities for active stylus functions, and support heavy load on-cell stack-up, such as on-cell flexible OLED display.  They communicate via I2C & SPI interfaces, and support displays of a maximum size of 15.6”.  HiDeep has been shipping ICs for premium tablet models with supporting stylus technologies for years.  Our solutions are known for their proven high SNR.  Our vast experience has enabled us to deliver better performance for USI support.

Supporting Statement:

HiDeep Touch Controller ICs, iST945Au and iST1245Au are fully compliant with USI 1.0 protocol specifications.  The ICs communicate bi-directionally with a USI stylus and provide a great inking performance with strong noise immunity.  The ICs have passed USI and Google’s AVL tests and have shown good interoperability performance with styluses available on the market.

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