Alexander Erdman

Field Sales Engineer, Intel Corporation

Alex Erdman is currently in the Global Accounts organization within Intel’s Sales and Marketing Group and is responsible for ecosystem and UX pathfinding and innovation. He joined Intel in 2013 as a Hardware Engineer in the PC Client Group and has held positions in applications engineering, product architecture, and segment marketing. Alex has been a part of USI since its inception in 2014 and contributed to the early test and certification tool development as well as organized the group’s first interoperability test events.


Executive Director


Pete Mueller

Principal Engineer / Senior Technologist, Intel Corporation

Pete Mueller is currently working in the Client Computing Group at Intel and is responsible for ecosystem enabling for touch and stylus technologies. He joined Intel in 1988 and has held positions in engineering, architecture and management. In 2001 he joined the Wireless Communication and Computing Group.  He worked on HW architecture and IO standards and was a member of the initial board of directors for MIPI. In 2004 Mr. Mueller joined the R&D team in the Ultra Mobility Group (which later became the Mobile and Communications Group) and was responsible for ecosystem enabling and tools for tablet and phone platforms.


Vice President


Jeff Lukanc

Senior Director of Integrated Display and Touch Products, Synaptics Inc.

Jeff Lukanc joined Synaptics in 2012 and is currently a Senior Director of Integrated Display and Touch Products. Prior to Synaptics, he was a Senior Director at IDT where he led product definition and development of DisplayPort based timing controllers, PCI Express switches, and MIPS based communications SoC product families. At VLSI Technology, Mr. Lukanc managed the Western Region Design Centers developing custom ASIC solutions.




Ritch Russ

Senior Manager, Innovation Sourcing, Lenovo Inc.

Ritch Russ has more than 20 years’ experience in the consumer electronic and electronic component business, with Sales, Marketing and Technical roles. Currently he is heading Lenovo’s Innovation Sourcing efforts into its next generation products.

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Hadi Zadeh

Input Systems Hardware Tech Lead, Google

Hadi Zadeh joined Google in 2016 and he is currently the input systems tech lead for the ChromeOS devices where his focus is on the next generation of consumer electronics products. Hadi is also in charge of design and test specifications for touch, stylus, keyboard, and trackpad in 250+ devices across Google which turn into mass production of 70M+ Chromebooks per year.

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Maxwell Xiang

General Manager, Hanvon C-Pen Co.,Ltd.

Maxwell Xiang currently is the General Manager of Hanvon C-Pen, a holding subsidiary company of Hanwang Technology. Having previously served as CTO of Hanvon Pentech. Mr.Xiang has rich experience on R&D ,company management and marketing.Under his leadership, Hanvon C-Pen make a significant breakthrough whether on domestic market or international market.