What is the purpose of the Certification Program?

USI is working to develop and promote an industry specification for a cross-system active stylus. The USI Certification Program provides consistency in stylus devices by confirming that products can communicate with different touch sensors and touch controller integrated circuits. It offers increased assurance that USI certified products will be interoperable with other devices.

When does the Certification Program start and what are the costs?

The Certification will begin in 2019 and is open to USI members only. You can find membership information on the USI website.

Does a Stylus Certification mean that all devices will work together?

A certified device must have passed the USI standards and testing process, which ensures a level of interoperability among devices.

What benefits will my company get from certification?

  • Listing your product on the certified product register on the public USI website
  • Increased assurance that your product will interoperate with other devices
  • Display the USI Certification Mark on your website, sales material, and packaging
  • Attracting customers who prefer to purchase a certified product over a non-certified product
  • Differentiates your product(s) from uncertified products, offering a potential commercial advantage

Do we have to certify our company’s products?

Certification is optional, but you cannot claim that a product is USI compliant if you do not complete testing and certification for that product. The USI strongly recommends that every Stylus product go through certification testing because the Certification Program certifies products, not companies.

How will customers know that my company has certified products?

Only stylus devices that have passed USI certification and testing may display the trademark, a globally-recognized mark indicating USI accepted capabilities. It confirms that the device has been tested and certified. Certified products may also use the Certification Mark on product packaging, instructional materials, and websites.

Additionally, companies must sign the USI Trademark License Agreement for access to the logo artwork and the right to use the logo with products that pass USI Certification testing.

Do I have to be a member of USI?

Yes, membership is required before you are invited to test and certify your product. Several membership levels are available at differing fee schedules. Certification is optional, but you cannot claim that a product is USI compliant if you do not complete testing and certification. Please see the membership website page for more detailed information.

How do I certify my product?

  • Ensure your company is a member, if not join
  • Review the USI Certification Program Documents (members only)
  • Apply for Certification and pay the required fees
  • Complete your Self-Certification or Certification thru a USI testing lab

What are the fees associated with the certification?

USI charges a $500 fee for certification.

Do you accept payments in check or bank wire form?

USI can accept payment in check form drawn off US banks or bank wires. The details necessary to use these options are outlined on the invoice if credit card payment is not available to you.

How long will it take to hear from USI once I apply for certification?

The USI Program Manager will respond to you within 3-5 days of the application submission.