Cirel Systems

CSAA2001 is a single chip solution for USI styluses enabling active pen developers to realize the lowest BOM and lowest power solution when using either AAAA cell, lithium ion battery or super capacitor as the power source.  Cirel has leveraged its experience and expertise in the active pen and analog mixed signal domains to deliver an SOC combining diverse functions ranging from analog sensor front end design and digital signal processing to ultra-low power high voltage regulators and battery management.

Supporting Statement:

Active capacitive pen technology has been maturing over the years but has remained restricted to few products as the communication protocols between pen and device have been proprietary. An open standard is a very key step in making this technology accessible to a larger user base. The first implementations is available and we are now realizing the promise of a low cost, low power yet noise resilient digital inking solution which bodes well for adoption of inking by a wider variety of touch-enabled products in the very near future.

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