SiS9815 and SiS9813

Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.

SiS has been developing USI technology since 2016 and has produced and delivered USI touch and USI stylus controllers.  SiS9815 and SiS9813 are USI-enabled touch controllers featuring USI 1.0 specification, and targeted at the PC notebook market with screen sizes of up to 15.6” and 14”, respectively. In addition to USI-enabled touch, SiS provides USI stylus controllers as well, called SiS9701. It can support various form factors with battery sources including AAAA Alkaline, lithium rechargeable as well as EDLC rechargeable.

Supporting Statement:

From developing both USI enabled touch controller and USI stylus controller, SiS has built up strong knowledge base and experience in interoperability of USI device and USI stylus. Thus, SiS is capable of supporting various USI stylus pens on SiS USI enabled touch controller as well as SiS USI stylus controller on other USI enabled touch controller. That’s also a key goal of USI technology to provide customers an interoperable experience across various form-factor or platforms.

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