Waltop International Corp

The USI-Co2 is fully compatible with the USI V1.0 touch panel and multiple USI pens can work simultaneously.

The USI-C02 pen features pressure levels up to 4096.  With <10 mS latency,  <0.5 mm accuracy, this digital pen is the best tool to take notes, navigate, draw or doodle on a tablet PC.

Supporting Statement:

Waltop’s involvement with USI from Day One was customer-driven.  Customers want an open, standard active stylus specification featuring bi-directional communication with multi-stylus support — what Waltop calls “Grab-n-Write” —  meaning any USI-enabled active stylus can write on any USI-enabled device.  Implementing the USI solution has increased the options and products we are able to offer our customers.

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